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2013-06-08 C Ride Report

2013-06-08 C Ride

Hot – that was the word of the day!

With a ‘C’ ride or recreational ride scheduled for 8am, six of us met up at Folsom Bike for a ride down the trail and around Lake Natoma. After our overview of the route and safety briefing, Daniel, Mike and Sean Poore, Dave Peralta, Jill and Dave Stone left the parking lot and entered the trail.

Just after going under the Folsom Lake Crossing Bridge Dave’s chain derailed. After a quick fix, we were back in motion. The route we took was down the trail to Lake Natoma Bridge and surprisingly we saw very little traffic. While we were heading down the south side of the trail, we enjoyed the breaks from the sun as we entered the shaded portions. We started to see more traffic from the other riders, runners, walkers and families. We came upon a rider on a hybrid bike as she was trying to make her way up a short hill. We yelled “on your left” just before we passed. She mentioned to Jill she wasn’t used to so many people on the trail and it was a little bit scary. Jill told her that she was doing great and to keep on pedaling. At some point along the way during one of our stops she passed us. As we were going up the north side we passed her again and Dave S said “hello again” to her. As Jill was passing her she said OMG did you guys lap me! Jill laughed and said no… you passed us! She was relieved!!

As we got to the Nimbus Flats area, the lanes were set up in the lake for the Folsom Triathlon that was taking place on Sunday. The parking lot had road cones staged ready to set up. We took the trail under Hazel and rode UP the Hazel Bridge. For those who haven’t ridden with us, Dave S is not going to win KOM anytime soon, but watch out on the downhill! LOL The group used the area at the top of the bridge as a regroup and drink break.

Coming back on the north side of the lake, we had a good ride. Again the shade breaks from the sun were well received. Sean and Daniel were taking lead at this point, this allowed the younger legs to stretch out and open up the distance. We continued up the trail and regrouped at Negro Bar parking lot. Along the way, a middle aged rider who was just starting was having trouble making the climb just after the sprint. As we passed her, we encouraged her as she went up the hill.

After the regroup, we came back to the shop by crossing the Folsom Historic Truss Bridge, then catching the short section of the trail to the road behind the rodeo grounds. Coming through the rodeo grounds, we came up to the light at East Natoma. This is one intersection that the sensors do not pick up bikes and the crosswalk lights are not quick to change. Even with all of our bikes on the sensor, the lights didn’t trigger until a car came up behind us. Patience, patience!

The final leg of the ride was to come up East Natoma to Folsom Lake Crossing and finish with a fast downhill ride back to the shop. We found that the intermediate ride lead by Richard and Vicki Sandness had just come in shortly prior (they left an hour earlier) so it was good to be able to take some cool down time with a cold drink from the Grind and socialize with them under the pop-ups that the shop had up JUST FOR US! J Ok so maybe not JUST for us, but we were happy to have them there!

This is perhaps not the ride for those that “feel the need for speed”, but if you are so inclined to take a fun recreational ride and meet some of the other folks from the Club Team we encourage all to join us on the next ride.

Have a great week!

Ride Stats: 18.6 miles, just under 1k feet of climb and 1hour 40 minutes of ride time.

Dave and Jill


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