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Ride Description: The Intermediate Plus Ride

Folsom Bike Intermediate Plus Club Ride.

So, what is it. Who can ride? You might be asking, “Can I join? Can I make it?”

The simple answer is, if you are reasonably fit and want to make the leap from a bike rider to a fitness cyclist, yes, you can. Our rides are attended by experienced riders and novice to intermediate riders who are making the leap. Our experienced riders have raced, or completed century rides, and have trained for fitness for years. We are here to integrate you into the pace line and bring you up to speed. Expect to ride for 2-3 plus hours. Our average speed tends to be around 17 plus mph depending upon the amount of climbing. We tend to go 40-65 miles depending on the group and the conditions. You will not be dropped, and we have divided our group for those who want to go shorter when necessary.

So how do you do it? Suit up and show up. That’s how I did it. Before you show up, do a bike check. Tires, brakes, bars, nuts and bolts tightened. Bring two bottles of fluid to drink, bars or gels to eat, your Road ID or order one now, wear sunblock, protective glasses, gloves, at least one tube and a CO2 cartridge system. And here is a tip; apply chamois creme, generously, to your self and or the point of contact inside your shorts, to prevent chaffing and the pain that would follow. Sunblock and here is my secret tip: lotion your toes, to prevent hotfoot. The shop can help you with your needs.

Additionally, some of you will want to get a bike fitting. Many will attest to the comfort and performance improvements they have experienced just by having the bike fit properly. And, the benefits of using a personal coach to set goals and assign a training plan can not minimized. The training plan I used one season have been a building block for a lifetime and lifestyle of cycling. Many of us have joined Strava, an online fitness social network, and we are tracking our rides and our improvements. It’s free for basic members and you can upload your Garmin or add miles manually, and compare with other riders.

Before the ride we will match people up and if we have to big of a group we will divide in two. We will go over safety and our ride route. Our goal: Have a good ride. If you can’t ride this weekend look for our ride recap and see if you are up for it. We hope to see you there.

Vicki and Richard Sandness

Folsom Bike Intermediate Plus ride leaders


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