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2013-07-20 Folsom Bike Club Recreational Ride Report by Jill Stone

We had a nice ride this morning! We left the shop a little after 8am and headed down the bike trail towards Lake Natoma to explore a new route today.  At the bottom of the hill we took a left to go over the trestle bridge and took the trail close to old town up to the rodeo grounds.  From there we rode up to East Natoma and hung a left towards the prison.  There is a bike trail that drops off of East Natoma right across from the prison that goes up through a green belt to Blue Ravine.  This is a really cool  trail with a few hills that were unexpected.  For us recreational riders it got the heart’s pumping!  At Blue Ravine we took another left and rode up to East Natoma.  Hung a right there and made our way to Sophia Parkway/Empire Ranch Road.  Rick Santos suggested that we head over to Costco Hill but Mike, Dave and I just kind of said “ya right.”   I wasn’t quite sure if he was serious or not at the time, as it turns out he was… none of us were mentally prepped for that one today so we made the left on to Sophia Parkway!  We took Sophia Parkway to Green Valley and headed back to the shop.  It turned out to be a 15 mile ride. It was a little shorter ride than I had thought it would be, I was anticipating about 20 miles, but it worked out just fine.  We beat the heat!




Our next ride will be led by Mike Poore on August 3rd.  Watch for his post and come on out for the ride!


Have a great week everyone!


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