All things related to the club teams of Folsom Bike!

We kicked off the Folsom Bike Club Recreational C level ride on Saturday with a fun ride around Lake Natoma! It was great to see Mike and Sean Poore after being off the bike for a while and also to meet Angela and Victoria newcomers to the club!

It was a gorgeous day to get out and see the sights. We left the shop around 9:00am and headed down the hill towards town. Once we arrived at the three bridges we took the cut off to go up the little switch back to get to the Lake Natoma Crossing Bridge. After we crossed the bridge we headed down the south side of the lake. The bike trail is in relatively good shape after the rains that we have had. If you ride the trail there are a few areas that you may be familiar with that still have some loose gravel and wet leaves to slip around on, but other than that it was clean! We stopped at China Bluff briefly for a regroup and then continued on to the scenic view area at the top of Hazel Bridge where we saw 5 deer up on the knoll above us. They were out enjoying the day as well munching on all of the fresh green grass and the newly budding bushes! After a few minutes of chit chat we were on our way once again back up the north side of the lake with Sean leading the way. We caught up with him at Negro Bar and then started our final leg back up the hill to the shop. All in all I’d say we had a great ride, and look forward to an awesome riding season!

Happy riding to all,

Jill and Dave


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